Clients work with me in a variety of ways.

I offer a free preliminary consultation to anybody that would like to meet me and ask some questions before the first formal session. This is entirely optional.

Investing in coaching can feel like a big decision. To take the pressure off, I offer a full money back guarantee after your first session if it is not aligned with your expectations.

Standalone Session

This is a private coaching session for an hour, or just over. Come and see what coaching is all about or select a specific issue that you want some guidance around. Perhaps you have worked with me before and would like a refresher!

My fee: AUD $85


4 Sessions: Keep on track and gain some momentum with your coaching goals by purchasing a package. During these four sessions you will gain an understanding of where you are and where you would like to be, learn techniques to gain access to your inner wisdom and uncover and work on some of the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

My fee: AUD $320


6 Sessions: Let’s take a deeper dive into coaching. Come to know that you have more answers than you realise. Give up struggle mode and learn to work with your body and emotions instead. Create more ease by redirecting your energy into places you consciously choose. This is the most economical way of doing a series of sessions.

My fee: AUD $450

Still deciding? Let’s chat about your needs with a free consultation.