I highly recommend Gen, if you are thinking of investing in coaching. From the very beginning I felt listened to, she was empathetic and did not judge me. This made me feel very comfortable being myself and feeling able to open myself to her, which is something that I usually struggle with, especially with new people. 

Her active listening worked really well with me. She supported me with simple exercises that allowed me to become more self-aware of what was happening and identifying what had been holding me back.

She was kind, adjusting and spacious. She was generous and I could feel she really wanted the best for me.

In our sessions, she did not take over, she understood me and she taught me how to support myself. I felt empowered. This coaching process has helped me to face job interviews with more confidence and finally to get a new exciting job. In meeting Gen, I have discovered and continue to discover I have more tools inside me to help me to deal with day to day issues. I am very grateful.


Within a few short weeks of completing my course with Gen, I’ve found huge amounts of inner clarity and seen tangible improvements in my songwriting work and managed to approach the audience-building in an emotionally healthier way. She has a true gift for observation without any judgment, and created a really safe space for me to explore my ambitions and turn them into a plan. Working with her was one of those life-shifting moments, a fork in the road, and I’ve never felt better and more at peace with myself! 


I really look forward to my coaching sessions with Gen. Her gently meditative style has enabled me to access thoughts that were holding me back. I feel safe and heard during our time together and if you want to experience greater peace and understanding then I recommend you try a session with her. 


I didn’t realise how much I needed the help Gen provided until I actually started working with her. Gen is a trained and qualified ‘Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach’. Her approach was structured as well as exploratory. Through my sessions, I found Gen exploring areas of my psyche and the imbalances within me, which I couldn’t really get to myself. The techniques Gen appointed were gentle, yet firmly shifted layers in me which I knew were not serving me. 

Gen has a very friendly, and positive approach and worked around my availability, promptly and with care. I would have really struggled with the inner workings of my psyche during lockdown if I didn’t have Gen to assist during those challenging times.

I would highly recommend working with Gen as she has the skills to get to the root of the issue, help you shift knots and blockages in your psyche, as well as help you integrate the newer realisations in a future that will serve you well.


Gen has great insight and I love the way she looks at things. She has an inner strength and a true desire to help and make people look at themselves through a different lens.


It was a great experience meeting and working with Gen. She brings her intelligence, intuition and human approach to the process by listening very carefully and really genuinely trying to understand you and where you want to get to. She shared lots of tools and methodologies so that I can continue to work independently. Also I very much enjoyed the dynamic of our sessions and I got to try and learn new things.


It has been a pleasure working with Gen – she is very patient and inquisitive. Together we explored different techniques and exercises that I could integrate into my life to help strengthen my mind-body-spirit connection. I recommend working with her if you are looking to increase your self-awareness, practice being more present, or want help tackling a situation you are finding emotionally or mentally challenging.