My Story

Hello, I’m Gen. 

I was born and raised in Western Australia.  My childhood was spent roaming outside, climbing trees and collecting fresh water mussels as pets (not so interesting, as it turns out).

Then I grew up and became a lawyer.  After completing a Masters of Law at Cambridge University, I found myself practising as a commercial law barrister in London.  

I had worked very hard to become a barrister.  In fact, I spent most of my twenties so sleep deprived that I don’t really remember them.  Coffee was involved I think.  

The kicker was that I really liked the study and practice of law.  I was working at a great Chambers.  The work was challenging and well paid.  My colleagues were awesomesauce.  

But I was changing internally.  And I knew deep down that my values were not truly aligned with my work, and that eventually this would become A Big Problem.  It did, most inconveniently. 

To be clear, I’m not saying that there is no value in law.  I’m just saying that I did not find it personally meaningful.  I wanted to help, heal, guide and teach.  And I had a strong desire to burn my suits and never wear heels again.  

After concluding a long court trial, I was offered a new assignment.  I panicked.  Sure, I was tired.  But I also knew that something was deeply wrong with the direction I was heading.  

So I took a break, which later became a sabbatical, instead. 

I then noticed that I had been anxious for a long time.  I was permanently on-guard.  My life felt heavy and I would routinely suppress how I was feeling.  

On my sabbatical I worked out what I wanted in my day to day life.  I re-introduced long lost passions and pursued new ones.  I followed my curiosity.  

At times I would feel crippling pressure to decide what to do next.  I would practise letting that go, again and again, focussing instead on what I needed to learn next.  Having faith that it would be revealed in good time. 

Eventually – but I felt it could have been quicker – it all clicked into place.  By 2019 I had completed life coach training with Martha Beck, Inc.  It was amazing and I wanted to share what had helped me so much.  I love working with women, as I knew from teaching yoga.  I also believe that the world needs gifted and kind women to be themselves fully – not in a wouldn’t it be nice kinda way, but desperately – to bring the world back into balance.  

So here I am!  A life coach and proud recipient of at least 8 hours sleep nightly.  Unless I am in the vicinity of good company and a bottle of red that is…