How do I book a coaching session?Click here to select an appointment time and type on my online calendar. You can also book from my Services page. If you need to pay, payment will be taken at the same time. You don’t need to pay if you are booking a consultation, you are working with me on a pro bono basis or you have purchased a coaching package which is not used up.
What happens during a consultation?Consultations are optional. If you know that you want to work with me, then we can dive straight into coaching.

In a consultation I can give you more information so you can decide whether I am the right coach for you. It is also a chance to ask any questions that you might have, with no obligation to continue if you feel that the fit is not right!
Where are you based?Australia. However, location is never an issue because I offer coaching sessions via Zoom or telephone. Many of my clients are international.
Are you available outside ordinary business hours?Yes, I have some availability for evening and weekend sessions.
How long is a coaching session?Sessions are 60 minutes. I can offer longer sessions, but would not usually recommend a shorter session.
How are sessions conducted?Sessions are conducted over Zoom or telephone.
What are your fees? My fee is $85 (AUD) per coaching session. I also offer a package of four coaching sessions for $320 and a package of six coaching sessions for $450.
Can I record our coaching sessions?Yes, of course. To be clear, I will not record sessions unless I have your consent (and it would be done for training and/or certification purposes).
How often should I have coaching sessions?It depends on how fast or slow you want to proceed. Usually people start with weekly sessions so that they can kick-start a change. If you feel you have a lot to process (or you prefer processing slowly), elect to have less frequent sessions.