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All Hail the Non-Industrious

Hello everyone! I published the below piece with a Medium publication, An Injustice! I have permission to publish it again here on my blog. This piece is about some collective societal beliefs around modern work. My hope is that you find it useful in articulating some of the beliefs which underpin our relationship with work… Read More

The Experience of Being Arrested – Not Just in My Head

No doubt this is a strange thing to declare, especially in the enduring realm of the internet, but I was arrested earlier this year. It was done deliberately, as part of an Extinction Rebellion protest. In fact, given Australia’s deep conservatism and fossil-fuel addiction, the second sentence is by far the more shocking and my… Read More

What’s Your System? (Part 2)

I promised a follow up to my previous post “What’s Your System (Part 1)“. Here I present Part 2! These two posts combined contain suggestions for how we might navigate this world in the knowledge that we cannot control and predict everything. (Besides, even if we could, it wouldn’t matter because we are incapable of… Read More

A New New Year Resolution

This post will be shortish but hopefully sweet. I came across the first new year resolution that I could actually back and I wanted to share it. Ready? Here it is. “Do less, fail more.” I cannot take credit for this idea – it landed in my inbox this morning, courtesy of my life coaching… Read More

What’s Your System? (Part 1)

Here’s the deal. We cannot control or predict what will happen to us; nor can we fully understand ourselves. Some find this most irksome. Others are less bothered and perhaps agree with Joseph Campbell when he says: “We must give up the lives we were planning, in order to have the lives that are waiting… Read More

I Just Want To Be Happy?

Should we all strive to be as happy as this Genevan donkey appears to be? ( Well, assuming my interpretation of animal signalling is right and it’s not attacking the photographer.) I have been thinking about happiness these past few weeks. In particular, how I fail on all of the traditional and major metrics of… Read More

Living: a Collection of Small Details

Small details comprise a morning and a life. This is what Emily St. John Mandel writes in her book, the apocalyptic masterpiece Station Eleven, as she describes the final morning of the catalytic character, Arthur Leander: He closed the fridge door, made his last breakfast – scrambled eggs – and showered, dressed, combed his hair,… Read More

How to Suck at New Things Like a Champ

Here begins my blog. The very first entry. There was so much I wanted to write about that my first draft came out as twelve pages of incomprehensible babble.  This version is certainly an upgrade, I have constructed full sentences and everything.  But you may wonder, what is the point of posting something unless it… Read More

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