Life Coaching at
The Loba Life

Welcome! I’m Gen Burley and The Loba Life is my life coaching practice.

I work with women to access internal resources and to navigate change in creating the life that they want in a world which has increasingly shown itself to be dysfunctional.

I trained with the Wayfinder Life Coach Training program, created by Dr Martha Beck, a Harvard-educated social scientist, bestselling author and life coach to Oprah. I am a certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach.  I have also completed mind-body coaching training with Master Coach Abigail Morgan.

My approach

I offer personalised one-to-one coaching sessions, using a gentle and kind approach. Each session will be tailored to where you are at and will be woven into the two-part framework that I use below.

First, I work with you to bring into alignment your body, mind, emotions and inner wisdom.  

Have you ever felt disconnected from your body or unsure about what you feel? Or that it is difficult to sit with uncomfortable sensations and emotions? That everything must be fixed, including you? That everything is becoming increasingly complicated? And life is a struggle and the answer is to work harder?

Me too!

We can learn to kindly and safely reconnect with our bodies and to allow our emotions. When this happens, they can act as messengers to tell us what we need and what needs to change. We can drop tension and see things more clearly once we stop struggling with how we feel.

When it comes to the mind, we can see it for the marvellous tool that it truly is, but also be aware of how our thinking can filter our experiences and drive our feelings and actions.

The benefit of all this awesome awareness is that we can then more readily access our wisdom, intuition or deeper sense of what is true. In this way, finding an internal compass to step forward through the vast amounts of external pressures, opinions and information thrown at us.

Second, I work with you to navigate change as you create the life that you want.

I primarily work with women who are in the process of changing to serve their deeper values and are looking to the future with some hope but also a fair degree of vagueness about how to focus their energies. This can be challenging because being in a state of not knowing clashes with some dominant beliefs that we must always have a plan and know what we are doing.

Change has distinct phases and often simply understanding the map will help take away some of the pressure. It also informs what information and support you might need in the moment.

We might need help around letting something go, and other times we would benefit from encouragement to dream wildly and dream big. Then there will be times when we need help crafting practical steps and keeping up strength as we slog away at our creations. To discern when our thinking is helping or hindering. And so on.

And if this is done with as much awareness and compassion as possible, something magic happens: the change that we want finds us.

Got questions?

Great! To learn more about how I can help you, check out the Services page or book a complimentary 20-30 minute consultation.

For those curious, I selected “The Loba Life” because “loba” is the feminine form of wolf in Portuguese. I like how it sounds and also the wolf invokes for me an untamed way of being, independent but community minded, which is the power I see in my sisters (biological and otherwise).